Sarah M. Escosa Sarah Escosa is a Hip-Hop dancer/choreographer who focuses on precise movement adding individual funk in each of her steps. The extent of her childhood training can be summarized in watching the first years of MTV music videos, attending school dances, and mimicking choreography from the 80ís dance show, Solid Gold. She works in an effort to 1) illustrate that aside from movement, personality and confidence are what light a dancer up on stage and 2) demonstrate that women can carry out masculine as well as feminine Hip-Hop moves, if there is such a definition.

While pursuing her Bachelors degree in Materials Science Engineering at U.C. Berkeley, Sarah danced in the yearly Pilipino Culture Night (PCN) for 4 years and was an original dancer for two dance troops, The Movement and Dance Junta. For her last year, Sarah became a lead choreographer for the groups/shows she had been performing with. It was here that Sarah learned of her passion for not only dancing and performing, but also teaching.

Sarah moved to San Jose when hired as a project engineer for Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. For the next 3 years, she was also dance captain/teaching assistant for Ceech Hsu where she enhanced her teaching skills, popping, and learned basic locking techniques.

In January of 2005, she was hired to fly out to the Philippines as dance consultant for the film, Tall As Trees, wherein The Streetboys, a popular all-male dance troop of the Philippines, play street performers. She is also the first female invited to perform with the Streetboys in their weekly time slot on hit TV show, Eat Bulaga (Channel 7, GMA).

Sarah looks forward to teach whomever is willing to learn at Wicked Dance Productions!