Briant Sarris

Briant Sarris took her first yoga class five years ago when a friend suggested she try it to help with stress and anxiety. She was honestly pretty skeptical. She didn’t exactly fit the stereotype of the long, lean, flexible yogini, and the very idea of being in a yoga class made her a little nervous. However, somewhere during that first class, she suddenly realized that all of that nervous energy had been channeled into simply holding onto the posture and focusing on the breath. She had moved into the present-moment union of mind and body that is the very definition of the Sanskrit word “yoga.” She knew she had discovered something that would change her life.

Over the years, Briant has experienced many more benefits from the practice. The pain from arthritis in her neck gradually faded. Her overall health improved, as did her strength and flexibility. She lost weight, and her anxiety decreased. Slowly but surely, she was able to get into poses she had thought were impossible. What started as an interest has grown into a passion and now Briant seeks to guide others to discover what she has experienced. She is currently working toward her 200 hour teaching certification at the Han Yoga Institute in Sunnyvale.

During the day Briant manages foreign language education programs for children. In the evening, if she is not teaching or studying yoga, she is probably taking dance classes at Wicked. She has found that the extension and body awareness learned in yoga complement the grace and movement of dance beautifully. She strongly encourages anyone looking to improve his/her physical and mental well-being, and/or improve his/her performance in dance or other sports, to come in and give yoga a try!