E-Waste Solution

Talented Technologies is the full spectrum solution for you and your customer's end-of-life, out-of-service networking and computing equipment. We are experts at determining the "best and highest" use for your Electronic Waste.

Incoming Inspection and Documentation
Talented Technologies processes each lot of materials that we receive. This initial screening and documentation is required to assure that the received equipment matches the manifest as well as the contracted-for item descriptions. Any hazardous materials are isolated for separate processing. This includes monitors and batteries from UPS units. This information is entered immediately into the tracking database so that the ultimate disposition of any item can later be tracked. In addition, in compliance with many of our customers, the serial numbers of the received units are captured as well to assure reliable end-of-life documentation and handling.

Green Handling
Once the received equipment is documented, Talented Technologies will then categorize it so that we can assure the best and highest end use for each unit. In many cases, we can refurbish received units, cleansing them and returning all settings and software to factory defaults. This isolates the client from any data leakage or liability for critical data or network configuration. Obviously, refurbished equipment which is sold or donated to an end user will not contribute to landfill. This has the minimal impact on the environment.

For that equipment which has no market as a refurbished unit, there are frequently components that can be retained as spares for existing deployed units, or to permit corporate customers to add capacity to their installed base of systems. The remainder of these units are recycled in compliance with state and federal regulations.

For those units that have no residual value, either refurbished or as component reuse, Talented Technologies will recycle them, extracting materials such as copper, steel, aluminum, or plastics, and minimizing the contribution to landfill. Once processed, the units are no longer viewed as "universal waste" and are easily accommodated by conventional landfill programs. We assure that, at every step of our processes, we minimize or mitigate what does result in waste.

We assure that less than 3% of your equipment enters landfills and none of your equipment will be shipped offshore to contribute to international waste. We process it locally.