Mental Health Concerns regarding self or children:
Explained in simple language

Learning disabilities/504 Plan/IEP (Individual Education Plan):
How to access

Special Education Laws and Mandates:
Simplified for your understanding

How to Navigate the Educational System:
What to do and when to do it

Specially Designed Education/Mental Health Treatment Plan
for your child

IDEA (Individual Disabilities Education Act):
How this might apply to your child

Chapter 26.5/AB3632:
Very unique services in California for children to age 22

FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education):
The basis for legal decisions in education

Mediation/Fair Hearing:
How to get want you want for your child's education


Short term cognitive based therapy for children, adolescents and adults (limited openings)

Behavioral management for ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) with a educational component

Services provided in your home .
(See article: Why services in the home not the office?)

What you can expect to get:
1. A Specific Designed Treatment Plan, in writing,
for your specific needs.
2. Education, in layman's terms, about diagnosis, resources,
and risk factors
3. Articles, many written by Dr. Horn and reference materials
for your unique needs
4. IEP support, if needed, to address child's educational/
mental health issues.
5. Personalized Support and Advocacy

© 2007 Dr. Clyde Horn, Ph. D.