Dr. Clyde R. Horn, PhD, MFT
Special Education & Mental HealthConsultant

Do you have a special needs child that may have emotional

Are you unhappy with the educational interventions?

Are you frustrated with the lack of educational progress
your child is making?

Have you spent a great deal of money on tutoring
and/or therapy to little avail?

Do you feel like you're not being listened to and maybe

Have you exhausted most of your options?

Let Dr. Horn help you. He will assess your current situation and draw up an Action Plan based on you and your child's individual needs. He will explain your educational rights and give you practical steps to get what you need for your child.

Let Dr. Horn educate you on you and your child's rights.
Give Dr. Horn a call today at: 408-904-8542 to set up an appointment.

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