Theraphy in
the home or office?




Theraphy in the home or office?
by Dr. Horn

Most therapists advocate for doing therapy in an office.
An office is a controlled environment and is set up according
to the needs of the therapist. It is a stable arrangement.
By that I mean it has a standard address and location.
It can be advertised and has a certain amount of visibility.
It contains property a therapist might utilize in their work.
It can house computers, files, play therapy toys, and a host of psychological tools. It also provides a medium level of security. Many offices are alarmed or patrolled. It can reduce risk of potential accusations regarding professional abuse. It seems to make sense to do therapy in an office setting.

I disagree. Home is where you live. It's where you deal with
the problems of the day. It's your sanctuary. If I see you or
your child in your home I am able to see what you actually use
to cope, how you maximize or minimize your resources.
I'm able to scan your environment and make practical
suggestions on what might or might not be working for you
and your family. I'm also a guest. By inviting me into your
home I am humbled. You are the person in charge and I

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